Bacon Donuts: Get Dead Faster (and Happier)

I’m about to take a risk. I don’t particularly want to look like I’m jumping on the “everything’s better with bacon” bandwagon (which is getting a bit played out, particularly for those of us that have had bacon-lined arteries since sometime in the 80s), but I wouldn’t be The Meatist (and I’d be failing to recognize the donut obsessions of some very good friends) if I didn’t show you these beautiful things:

Bacon Donuts from The Office in Delray
How's that for a presentation that honors the food?

They appeared on my table after dinner at The Office in Delray Beach (well, appeared after I offered the waiter his choice of three of my toes if he’d just bring them to me as fast as possible – he declined the toes, but the dessert arrived quickly any way) and they’re actually better than they look. Which is tough to believe considering that what you’re looking at, what you’re drooling over, is a pair of beautiful fresh donuts (yes, I prefer the Dunkin’ spelling to Kripsy Kreme’s).

They’re glazed and raised,so they’re light (well, relatively), they’re still hot, and the sugar is still all melty. A good thing, because otherwise those chunks of bacon they were rolled in wouldn’t have stuck. Sadly, they must have been rolled in spendy-dust, too: they cost $9 for the pair (I was a guest, thankfully).

My mission (and yours, if you choose to accept it) is to make some of these deadly beauties at home. I’m thinking a couple of Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts (standard raised glazed, of course) heated in a microwave for six or eight seconds, then rolled in some fresh bacon bits because using a jar of Bac~Os would just defile them.

Downsides of my at-home method? No crazy Lucite serving shaft and dedicated stand, and far less monetary pressure to keep me from eating an entire dozen and passing out in a pool of sugar-drool on the sofa.

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3 Responses to Bacon Donuts: Get Dead Faster (and Happier)

  1. Matt Hanser says:

    I have to change my underwear now.

  2. TeresaR says:

    Pure (and evil) genius! But I’m not sure we’ll be making this at home though.

    I’m willing to shell out $9 just for the privilege of gazing at the Lucite contraption.

  3. Jan Norris says:

    Spendy-dust indeed. $9 for two donuts, rolled in maybe 1 strip of bacon…and posed on a toilet paper holder? Deliver me!!

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