Ted Nugent Talks Meat with The Meatist

Ted Nugent

I really dig Ted Nugent. The guy’s funny, is a ridiculously good guitar player, and actually cares about honoring the animals he takes, something I’ve written about before. Of course, the fact that he’s put out some of the best record covers ever doesn’t hurt my opinion.

Ted Nugent Weekend Warriors
Is it possible to not love this cover? No it is not.

The musician, outdoorsman and author of Kill It and Grill It, Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto, and God, Guns, & Rock ‘N’ Roll is coming to Ft. Lauderdale on his “Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead” tour (which has got to be the best tour name ever) later this month so I thought it might be a good time to talk meat, music (a little), and hunting with the Nuge.

Now those of you that have been reading me for a while know that I like to write about hanging with folks and telling the story, so my straight-up journalism school interview question ninja-powers may not be the strongest (probably as a result of never going to journalism school, duh), but I did my best to come up with seven pressing meat-related questions that Uncle Ted was nice enough to take the time to answer via email.

The Meatist: You’re on the road a lot: how do you meet your TNRDA (Ted Nugent Recommended Daily Allowance) of meat? I’m assuming you aren’t frequenting too many fast food joints.

Ted Nugent: Having been a hunter and hunting activist all my life, I have connected with great American hunting families all across the land that always have fresh slabbage of some sort ready for their Uncle Ted! I can think of no finer connection to make in life! We are protein BloodBrothers all!

TM: What is your straight-up favorite cut of meat, and from what animal?

TN: It’s all good because of the attentive, respectful and efficient way we kill, handle and grill all game meat, but I must say that fawn backstrap is to die for, and in fact, many do.

TM: What is your favorite type of meat (cut independent)?

TN: Fawn whitetail.

TM: Is meat from an animal you’ve taken always better than anything you can get anywhere else, and why?

TN: Certainly, first and foremost because it is virtually impossible to kill and handle precious protein with more care than the system we employ, and of equal importance, there is a spiritual side to self sufficiency and the deep abiding respect we have for the animals we hunt and kill and utilize and hands on hunters. Our system is both perfect and pure.

TM: What’s the most exotic and or rare meat you’ve tried, where’d you get it, and how did you like it?

TN: I occasionally eat at Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, so I’m sure I’ve eaten cat and dog. Delicious.

TM: If “Stranglehold” were a meat, what meat would it be? (Note: for those that don’t know, “Stranglehold” is an epic, amazing, chunk of guitar brilliance that you need to hear. Now.)

TN: Your face twixt the canines of a pissed off T-Rex.

TM: What are the chances that a ne’er-do-well ex-recording engineer turned food and music writer could cop an invitation to go hunting with you, anywhere, anytime (and do I get extra possibility points for having been PR director for the NYS Rifle and Pistol Association?)

TN: Impressive credentials sir. Show me you current NRA membership card and we will talk.

Now if I can just get together with the guy for some fresh slabbage…

Ted Nugent plays Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale on June 29.  Get down there and see a frigging legend, already.

Photo: AP
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5 Responses to Ted Nugent Talks Meat with The Meatist

  1. Joanna says:

    I also love Ted Nugent and much of what he stands for. Awesome questions Brad. Ted, thank you for being on the Meatist.


  2. TeresaR says:

    Fun interview, but I’m fairly certain that no Chinese restaurant in N.A. serves cat or dog. ;D We are there with the hunting thing (Jo can show you our squirrel carcass-to-meat photos on my FB page!), but not in a million years will we join the NRA. It’s true though: the meat that you process yourself is so much better because of the connection you have with it on a deep and primal level. You can’t have that kind of relationship with mystery meat in styrofoam and plastic.

  3. Kim says:

    I am a serious liberal and a vegetarian and I still f’n love Ted Nugent. I don’t eat meat, not because I don’t think it tastes good, but because of the horrors and inhumanity of the agricultural system in this country. If ones kills it, and one respects it, one is free to eat it and enjoy it. And if I am walking along in the forest and a big bear grabs me, I hope I make his tummy happy, too.

    On the music side, I think Ted is amazing, Always have.

  4. Bradford Schmidt says:

    You simply cannot listen to Stranglehold and not love the Nuge.

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