Penguin Prison Seeks Bitch, Eyes ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Penquin Prison
The Penguin Prison Dude

It takes a lot to drag me out of my stupor to write these days, but a press release I just got from Penguin Prison’s publicist did it. If you don’t know Penguin Prison, it’s a retro synth-pop band (person?) headed by a dude named Chris Glover that has a mediocre retro synth-pop song out called “Don’t Fuck With My Money.”

I guess the song never broke big enough, so tomorrow (that’d be Saturday) Glover will try to leverage the Occupy Wall Street  protest by filming the song’s official video in Liberty Plaza.

From the press release:

“See you tomorrow and remember to SPEAK LOUD AND CLEAR TO WALL STREET!


(emphasis theirs, except they spelled “fuck” with a couple of asterisks because they may be rebels, but they don’t want to offend anyone).

The release also claims that the song is “already steadily becoming the anthem for this movement!” (yes, the bang is theirs, not mine). So it reads like it was written by a coked up tween that lacks not only solid writing skills, but an understanding of #OWS. Try these lyrics on:

“…you’re gonna have to learn,
you fuck with my money
and you’ll be sorry.”

Come to think of it, the other day I heard a family of five that had just lost their home in a crooked foreclosure proceeding harmonize on that tune while the Sheriff put their belongings on the street. Oh wait.. no… I’m confusing them with the Brown Brothers Harriman dudes that were snorting coke off hookers’s tits at a labor day party in the Hamptons. Sorry.

For those of you musicians that actually do want to support #OWS, try something simple and selfless, like leaving the camera crew at home and going down to play an impromtu gig, like Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) did last week, a cell phone video clip of which I present herewith:

Thank you, Jeff Mangum, for not only making one of the best records ever (which you can grab a download of of for only 5 bucks on,  but also for not being a large penis.

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One Response to Penguin Prison Seeks Bitch, Eyes ‘Occupy Wall Street’

  1. joanna says:

    Thanks for telling me the story of Mangum: A recluse who pops in to sing out in public with him and his guitar because he believes in something. Loving it.

    As far as Penguin Prison. Well, sounds like a flop.


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