Original Dr. No Trailer – When Bond Was Extra Bond-ey

Dr. No poster
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I know most people name “Goldfinger” as the best Bond picture, but I have a major soft spot in my heart for “Dr. No.”

It’s grittier and less gimicky than any 007 film that followed, Connery was just a ridiculous badass, and it has that great Ursula Andress beach scene.

“Honey Ryder: Looking for shells?”

“Bond: No. I’m just looking.”

And trailer voice-over copy that reads “licensed to kill whom he pleases, where he pleases, when he pleases” is really rare these days… Check out the original trailer, if it’s not enough to prompt you to guy buy a copy, I don’t know what is:

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One Response to Original Dr. No Trailer – When Bond Was Extra Bond-ey

  1. jimi barron says:

    I always enjoyed Dr. No as well as ofher early Bond movies such as From Russia Wifh Love…more espionage and I particularly liked the fight scene on the train and the bad guy with the knife in his shoe..always wanted one of tbose.
    Yes I also enjoyed Ursula in Dr. No!…..peace jb

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