Hugo Chavez to Twitter Users: Terrorists!

Venezuelan President & musical theater fan wants state control over Internet

"Pretty Bird. Now you DIE!"
Well, as goes Mexico, so apparently goes Venezuela. While not as damaging to lives and countries as Bush 43’s attempt to tie 9/11 to Iraq, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (shown here after trying out for the Venezuelan road company of Pirates of Penzance) is making a claim that may be as off the mark.

Responding to a steady stream of negative comments about himself and his administration, President Chavez has not only called the anti-Chavez Twitter messages terrorist threats, he’s now calling for state control over the internet.

I suppose it’s POSSIBLE that a bunch of terrorists are actually twittering shit like “you distract his body guards, and I’ll fly a plane into him,” but I’d tend to doubt it.  Particularly since the hashtag they appear to be most pissed off about, #freevenezuela, is reportedly being used by almost 70 million users.

All of whom, apparently, want to overthrow Venezuela.

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One Response to Hugo Chavez to Twitter Users: Terrorists!

  1. michelle says:

    Although I agreed with his “Bush smells like sulfur” or whatever, this guy is such a loon. It’s like watching a reality show. Total trainwreck. I’m still trying to figure out how Obama caused the earth quake in Haiti :/

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