Facebook Turns Six. Gets Swelled Head

400 million people now wasting time on site.

Facebook Turns Six
No more real life for YOU.

Yes, it’s true: Facebook has turned six.  I know it’s tough to believe, especially as it seems like only yesterday that you started wasting hundreds of hours trying to increase your friend count, playing Scramble, and trying to reconnect with your high school girlfriend (so you could bang her).

But, as it turns out, today isn’t just about length, it’s also about girth.  Facebook founder Mark Zuckeberg recently announced on the Facebook blog that not only is it their birthday, they’ll reached the milestone of 400 million users this week.

Considering the fact a year ago they had less than half that, and they announced the 300 million mark only five months ago, it appears that Facebook’s growth is actually still accelerating.

At this rate, they’ll should have something like four times the entire population of Earth as users by sometime in May.  Which definitely increases your chances of finding someone interested in “what’s on your mind.”

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2 Responses to Facebook Turns Six. Gets Swelled Head

  1. TeresaR says:

    *giggle*…yeah, I’d like to have some friends from Alpha Centauri…

    I find that FB and Twitter has heightened the focus on “me, me, me” way more than blogs ever did. It’s annoying and I would like to quit the habit.

  2. michelle says:

    Why does your post make me feel utterly shameful. A zombie, that is what I am. Curse facebook!!!

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