Back to Bitchy: Faves from the Past, Hope for the Future (and Jacob Lusk sucks)

Bradford "The Meatist" Schmidt and Carey Morning
Maybe I need to listen to this guy more.

It’s been pointed out to me that perhaps my recent work as a columnist and journalist at various legitimate writing outlets (that still use paper and ink, though that’s not what makes them legit) may have taken a bit of the edge off my writing. That I may not have my bone thrust fully into my fan, if you will (unlike the idiot me in this photo with a shitty, college bathroom applied dye job that complimented a recently grown-in, very wide Mohawk – now that son of a bitch new how to bone up a fan).

I’d tend to agree, and I’m beginning to miss my obnoxious side (my wife and kids: not so much. Apparently if it doesn’t come out online it comes out at home). This whole legitimate writer thing may have a lot to recommend it, but it doesn’t push all my buttons. Not, at any rate, like stating publicly that the amazingly irritating Jacob Lusk on American Idol makes me want to spray gasoline into my ears before trying to burn the wax out with a TIG welder, despite the fact that it’s amusing to watch Steven Tyler fawn over him like a teenage girl trying to coax J Beebs into playing doctor.

So for those of you just showing up, don’t be lead astray by the preponderance of reprints from the paper, because that’s not all there is here. To prove it, I’m going to recommend a few pieces that I’ve particularly enjoyed writing and rereading.

And I’ll make an effort to be a bit more of a dick in the future, I promise.

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4 Responses to Back to Bitchy: Faves from the Past, Hope for the Future (and Jacob Lusk sucks)

  1. TeresaR says:

    Edge or not, you’re a terrific writer, but edge is a lot more interesting to read. I’m glad that your “legit” writing career is going so well though!

  2. BelindaP says:

    I love You!!! I think your a breath of fresh air! Keep em coming :)

  3. eeyore says:

    all well and good BUT who or what is the mysterious creature on your back? Are you Quirrell? sp?

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