Ashton Kutcher on SNL: Can’t Even Make Farts Funny

Bradford Schmidt in Florida WeeklyAshton Kutcher, well known social media junkie and hugely irritating waiter actor, hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend in an attempt to combine two hacky, talentless products of pop culture in the hope that something good will result.

No such luck. When they decided to try for a parody of Kutcher’s Twitter success, SNL’s writers couldn’t come up with anything more creative that fart humor: a new social media site “Tooter,” that not only broadcasts when Special K farts, but sprays artificial fart scent into the the faces of Tooter subscribers.

The only highlight of the video, watching the great John Paul Jones of Them Crooked Vultures saying simply “I was in Led Zeppelin,”  was tempered by the fact he’d agreed to be in the car wreck at all (the video, not the band).

But I’d guess that Them Crooked Vultures provided the only redeeming moments of a show that stopped being worth watching over two decades ago (I certainly didn’t watch it Saturday night).  Which is no surprise, really, because how can you lose when you combine Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), John Paul Jones (Zep), and Dave Grohl (Scream)?

You can’t – which is why I’ve chosen to embed THOSE video instead of the stupid fart bit.

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  1. Well said. And succinct, too.

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