Alamo Drafthouse: A No-Texting Theater After My Own Heart

Austin, Texas is a great city, and the Alamo Drafthouse theater is just one reason. Besides hosting film festivals like Fantastic Fest, having custom pre-shows instead of comercials at the beginning of films (we saw Roger Allan Wade perform before Mike Judge introduced Jackass Number Two on opening night), and serving hot food and cold beer right to your seat, the have a strict no texting and no talking rule.

And it warms my heart to hear how pissed off one young woman was after being ejected from the place for texting. Warms it even more to see the Drafthouse uses her drunken (I’m guessing) voicemail rant to the theater in the no texting short they run before films.

If you don’t live in Austin (or, apparently, Houston, San Antonio, or Winchester, VA?), and you can’t make it to the Drafthouse, let me hip you to what you’re missing:

Yeah – the place really is that awesome.

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  1. Joanna says:

    yeah….awesome place!

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